Break in, attempted rape, then a change

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Break in, attempted rape, then a change

Post by rosebush on Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:30 pm

In this dream I was heading from my bedroom into the dark hallway to the kitchen/LR. I encounter a dark figure that I believe is my son Matthew. I realize it is not Matthew but seems someone has broken into the house. I know he wants to kiss me and rape me. It seems like it would be a pleasant thing to kiss him, but I resist. I tell the figure I would be traumatized for life if he raped me. This seems to work.

Son Matthew then enters the scene. I ask him how did this person get in here. I have a knowing he came in through the garage door I had open for my car, believing he must have broken in the garage door to the kitchen. Matthew and I successfully run out the front door and out onto the front driveway. It was night time at first, but then it turned to daylight.

I realize there is a huge white trailer, very low to the ground on the driveway and 2 men are bowed down, way over, even their heads on this trailer in my direction, like they are bowing down to me. One man is the man I encountered in the hallway, but there is an unknown man who accompanies him. I note there are various people walking around the trailer outside my front house. My focus at the end of the dream is more on looking forwards, not at the men, trailer or people.

Thanks for any help!

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