Love at first sight

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Love at first sight

Post by Jasmine on Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:47 pm

Hello my name is Ashley, I am using my friend Jasmine's account. She told me that this is a useful sight that can help me understand better what i experience. So i'm a highschool student and i go on a public bus and i ran into some really cute boy. There was something soo different about him. He wasn't the hotties guy on earth to that i must admit, but he was totally different. He was chubby, but the thing that attracted me to him the most was his eyes, his amber eyes! i didn't even know that those color eyes exist haha but long story short i usually always carry a heavy bookbag with soo many books on my hands..there were many seats available on the bus but he was kind enough to move his stuff from the sit and gestured for me to sit down next to him. I with so much pride i said "no it's okay thanks" and i sat behind him..i dont know why i do this to myself i guess i just was soo nervous and i blew that chance i didnt want to seem like i was rejecting him but i always do that. So i see him here and there on my bus it depends at what time he gets out of h.s. i don't know anything about him! not even his name. But then a few days ago he was on my bus and he was sitting next to me he and i had eye contact and people got in the way b/w our view but than the prayed for the people to get up so i can have perfect angle to see him and they got up! this happened like 2 times i saw it as a sign..but i need a lot of help idk how to talk to him or get him to do the 1st move help me please!
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