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I was indoors (donít know where) with my adult daughter, Cheryl. There was a German Shepard inside as well. As I looked out from a large window, (the whole wall was a window) I could see there were three big dogs in dog houses all laying down and facing the window, real close to the window. They belonged to my daughter. You could see each dogís head at each opening to the dog houses (they were all laying down). The first dog was a St. Bernard, and I made comments how beautiful he was. The second dog was a Great Pyrenees, and the third I donít know what he was. When I went outside, the dogs were in a sunny place, but protected by the dog houses.


I was applying for a job at Raleigh Rehab. I was searching for my credentials in my purse, which I finally found, to show the interviewer that I was working undercover. The person was excited. Next, I was in another room with all the employees there, and they seemed happy to see me.

When I awoke, I looked at the clock; it was 4:21 AM.

I began to mull over what I had just dreamed, and this is what I saw: I was trying to backup into a parking space, but I had to wait for a car to pass by in the back. Once the car passed, I saw myself backing up into the parking space. I now was between that car & a tree in Raleigh Rehabís parking lot.

NOTE: My husband has been a resident at Raleigh Rehab. For the past two years.

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