Moon, scrolls and music...

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Moon, scrolls and music...

Post by globalhealth4 on Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:12 pm

So, from what I can recall this is the first dream of this kind I have ever had.

I was meeting a group of people on a hill top at night, my feelings of meeting them weren't bad, but I cannot recall why I was meeting them. As I was walking to the destination, I noticed it was nightfall and there was a full moon. I began to stare at the moon and all of a sudden it began to play music.

Music I cannot really describe, but once it began to play I immediately thought to myself, OMG! I believe those are trumpets sounding..Jesus is coming! But wait, I thought it would be louder, and why does it sound so scary?

Now, this music sounded like it had harps and running water and other instruaments i cant describe. but as the music played i noticed that the moon had a book inside it that looked really old and ancient and was opened evenly. Split down the middle and looked to be inside what looked like old ancient scroll writings. I couldn't interpret the language at all! But on the left side of the book looking up towards it, a piece of paper was hanging down which seemed to half blank and half full of writing.

This music to me personally now hearing it in my head, I have NEVER HEARD it before and if it had a title, it would be----time is up?, no more time?, time is running out?, He is close? something of the sort.

Let me know your thoughts!

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