Sneaking Into My Dad's House

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Sneaking Into My Dad's House

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:05 am

In this dream, I was with two other people whom I don't remember, but it they may have been my real-life brothers. We were trying to sneak into my father's house. This house, however, is actually my mother's house in real-life. I think we had planned to take something from the house, but that wasn't really clear in the dream. It was all about sneaking into it.

The house had security cameras all around the outside, and I thought to myself that my dad was probably sitting all day watching these cameras, so we'd have to wait until he left the house. We waited outside behind a tree or something for our opportunity.

The chance came when he had to leave. We watched as he left the house, and then we rushed in through the garage. I knew that we didn't have much time. In fact, my dad returned almost immediately, and we were trying to hide beside the doorway to the garage. I knew that he'd see us. So, when he entered and did see us, I presented him with a gallon of milk (?), as if he needed it. He took the milk and we followed him inside. In the kitchen, he had been getting ready to cook these pieces of meat. All the while, I felt guarded around him, not knowing if he'd do something crazy.

That's the end of the dream. My feelings about my father in real life are similar to those in the dream, FYI.


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