2012: My destiny

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2012: My destiny

Post by Destine on Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:50 am

My mom won't let me wear it as punishment for going to my Pastor's house.. I was trying to figure out why she went off so much the past 2 days.. she talked to his wife; Their conversation went well.. she's just still irritated.. Now she's threatening to not let me graduate until 2013. Won't hurt me, I said I wanted to graduate in 2013

So, my mom believes I am spoiled because I went into a store, My grandad gave me $100 for Christmas, I spent $30 on a Juicy Couture Wristlet; I figure, I have $70 dollars left, I go into the store: Purse from Juicy Couture, reg. $189 ($192 with tax) on sale for $59. Perfect color. I ask my mom, she tells me money went to groceries.. OK that would be OK if that were true. My mom told me I could buy anything I wanted Friday with that money: Saturday was my sister's 17th birthday: I found a receipt in my room that said that the purse my mom bought cost $69. The groceries cost $47.50. Now, my sister received $150 for her birthday, my money went to her. Groceries, fine it's a need, My sister's purse? No. My mom proceeds telling me that I am a brat, 1.) I have my period. 2.) I have bad sinus issues which proceeds to have drainage down my ears into my neck which feels like muscle spams 3. I only asked for three gifts for Christmas, the rest of stuff I got were like socks and lotion, I didn't care. 4.) I have like 40 things out to these girls at dance. 5.) I let someone else receive these concert tickets instead of myself

The night before (Monday Night) I had a dream that I was in my formal church office with Pastor Chris & Ms. Julie, along with my parents, and Tyler. We went into the sanctuary, discussing my wedding; Tyler drove me home while we talked. Wednesday, my friend is going to college for fashion design, she wants to have a wedding dress shop, She discussed my wedding dress. Tyler was going to come to my house to walk me to my door, I said no though. I almost got into trouble for something I didn't do, but I'm getting the blame: I saw something for a free business card print if you like them on Face-book, I liked them, it asked for a credit card, Google saves credit cards, Once I realized it would probably charge her card; I cancelled it. My dad got a charge for $18, (The cards we're $11).. So I said, "I cancelled it" and she said "It charged it again" (if this were true, it would be $22, not $18!) Whatever, I cleared it up with my dad.-1/4/12
On January 3rd, 2012
I had this dream:I was in my formal Sr. Pastor's church, (With his wife) along with Tyler.. we were having a meeting with my parents as well.. the Youth Pastors were present; We went into the sanctuary, Ms. Amber (Youth pastor's wife) was planning out the visual side of my wedding; Tyler drove me home in my Mom's van; And we were moving fast, we were talking about our wedding.
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