Battle in Warzone, weird clowns and a Big Blue Bridge to cross

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Battle in Warzone, weird clowns and a Big Blue Bridge to cross

Post by sword&scepter on Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:56 am

2nd Dream Warzone & Blue Bridge

I was in a desert with the us army and we were in some sort of battle.
I know that I had a lot of walking to do. We were clearing out an area and warehouse.

Can't remember who we were fighting but I do remember us winning the battle and I had a very long walk back to someones home, two ladies mother & daughter who were playing cd's of gospel.

The mom was trying to give me somewhat of a hard time (playfully) I guess I was visiting the daughter. I played a cd of the " Anointed Pace Sisters" 

As I was listening to  the cd's I was being attacked by evil spirits.. (maybe even literally) & 2nd time in 5 hours.. I shook it off though and ended up walking to another side of town. 

There was a building in a city that I quite did not recognize but there were some older people from a church who were ushers (I suppose) at the door.
Someone had to hire entertainment and a clown showed up. They argued amongst themselves about why this guy was here but they listened to him introduce himself then he began to sing & dance..

It was kinda weird but nothing that they couldn't handle and my assignment there was over I guess..  
 It was night.. I began a long walk to the middle of the city and in front of me was a huge royal blue bridge.
I began to walk up the bridge & to my right was a very large city scape... There were very tall buildings that were well lit as well as a huge gigantic gold colored jewel of a building that was a large as a huge football stadium ( in the middle) and on the sides were 4 high rises all golden and well lit.. It was unusual but very pretty.

As I began to walk across the bridge I could see a large river underneath. It was probably 120 foot drop below but as I walked across the bridge I had no problem to the end I think a few other people walked across also except when I arrived to the end I noticed an opening at the end of the bridge and a straight drop into the water if I took one more step off the ledge.

I was somehow still in contact with someone ( maybe by phone) but was telling them that I missed the part that led me off the bridge. As I turned back I noticed that the floor boards were very old and rickety and kinda dangerous to walk on but somehow I had made it across no problem until the end.

I was led to hold onto the railing then go down a ledge and make my way from there. It was a little daunting but I was making my way then I woke up.

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