Two dreams in the same night about arrests

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Two dreams in the same night about arrests

Post by Stephanie444 on Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:07 am

In the same night, I had two dreams about arrests. I was wondering if you could help me figure out the common thread in them. They are probably related because I had one, fell asleep again, then had the other (like Pharaoh!). If these dreams are from God, I know what they are about and what they mean to me … so I don’t need an interpretation per se, I would like help seeing the connection between the two. Thanks!

In the first one, I was being arrested for something someone else did (I was in the wrong place at the wrong time or for some reason I was being blamed for someone else’s actions). My mom was the one who had to arrest me and she was distraught and crying over the possibility of having to shoot me, though I was trying to make it clear that I wasn’t resisting arrest: I feel like I was trying to hold my hands up to surrender but they were tied behind my back because I was already being arrested.

In the second one, I was plotting with a wanted man to use armed resistance to resist his arrest. He had given me a pistol to use. But actually, I was lying to him, and as soon as we walked into the house where he would be arrested (the dream was set at my parents’ house, in the hallway and living room), I threw the gun under a table so it would be out of sight and threw my hands up to surrender. In some way, I represented him, so my actions were his. He was stunned that I had deceived him when he saw me “surrendering for him”. I held my hands up until law enforcement came even though they were taking a long time and my arms got tired. As he was being arrested I asked him, “Are you mad at me because I tricked you? But I saved your life.”

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