Writing a Babysitting Report Dream

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Writing a Babysitting Report Dream

Post by ellycat316 on Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:46 am

It seems that I was writing an "ad" for a babysitting position on a certain designed stationery. This was in a classroom environment. After I wrote the ad I decided I wanted to interject some other comments and in order to do that I would have to get another sheet of the SAME kind of stationery. I went up to the leader's desk (teacher), and asked for another sheet of paper and she pointed to a drawer in her desk. When I went to retrieve the sheet, I noticed every sheet already had writing on it and I could not use any of them. I began to look around for the same kind of sheets that I would have to use, but I could not find any. When the teacher, who had left the room, came back, I told her my predicament, and she looked at my ad that I had written and began to draw upward lines on it, then she said that I wrote on the wrong subject, and she named something else I was to be writing on. All during this time, I kept looking at the clock. I had a certain amount of time to complete my assignment.

My thoughts on the subject: I have been looking for a babysitting job for months & have found nothing comparable to my schedule. Maybe this is not what the Lord wants for me. I know the clock is very important in this dream.

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