no lights,blured vision, no shirt, staggering walk

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no lights,blured vision, no shirt, staggering walk

Post by rachel07 on Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:25 am

So I was intense prayer lol lol! then I fell asleep from the serious amount of peace God poured on me lol lol! then I had this dream.....
I was laying in my bed from when I was a teenager sleeping then I woke up feeling as if somthn was wrong... and I looked up at wall my bed was next to wall and the paint was bubbly and peeling... I felt a little scared I felt somthn was wrong and got up to turn the light on....but as I the light switch the lord gave me a vision about the light switch.. I could see the wiring was bad so therefore I turned it on anyways.. it didn't work..then my vision became blurred.... then I heard the radio was on with people talkn but it was soo much static then i started walking and nerd staggering to the window and saw 3 pastors cars siiting in the driveway I went to lift up the shades for a little light and see if icould get help from them(there are actually 3 pastors in my church) but I began to feel weak and I felt like somthn heavy on my shoulders... then I relized my shirt was off and I looked for another light and I found a lamp (I actually hav this lamp in my room) and its a touch lamp so I tapped it on knowing it had. No lamp shade on it and no bulbs in it..but for some reason the wiring lit up to a small red light so I could see a little bit.. and in from of me were two shirts that I actually have in real life.. the Blacke one I have had for awhile then the new neon green one I just bought right on jan1st... I wasn't sure which one too wear... I felt they weren't suitable.. like it wasn't what I wanted to wear...


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Re: no lights,blured vision, no shirt, staggering walk

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:02 am

Hello, Rachel07 -

Theres are just my thoughts on parts of the dream. Please weigh them for yourself and disregard if you feel that they don't fit.

The section of the dream where you had a vision of a problem with the lightswitch: Has God shown you something in real life, revealing to you what the problem is with something (or..someone), and you disregarded it and went ahead to try it, anyway?

Actually, I wonder if you've had the vision part, but haven't followed through with action, yet. The dream seems to show you what will happen if this information is ignored: the blurred vision is obviously an affect on your ability to see clearly. The static radio, then, is your ability to hear clearly. The overall message is that your ability to perceive what's going on would be hindered. This is reinforced by the staggering - this thing could affect your spiritual walk. The heaviness is another side-effect of this. To me, it seems like a lot could go wrong from ignoring something so simple.

As for the choice of shirts... Do you have a decision to make right now where neither option seems to be what you want? It would seem like a choice needs to be made, because you couldn't move on without doing so (you had to put a shirt on).

I'm wondering if God has shown you ahead of time the outcome of each choice so that you know which one doesn't need to be considered, though neither may be something you want.

These are just my thoughts. As I said, if they don't fit, please disregard. Also, praying for you!


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