Wrong person again....could be soulish

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Wrong person again....could be soulish

Post by Cloud on Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:29 am

i dreamed i was in some kind of college class

long story short, the person whom i used to claim as my "future spouse" was there again

she said "Hi Josh" and I answered her back

she started talking about how she was aspiring for marriage but she didn't know who to marry

she then told me something like "i'll know you'll marry someone good or i hope you do"

all the while i was STILL thinking SHE was it

it was so real

i heard HER voice in this dream...not something i made up...but HER voice that i remember about her

the only problem is...it's recently come to light that she's NOT who God wants me to marry

maybe it's just soulish? but how much longer am i going to desire this?

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