Mom driving up a steep road...

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Mom driving up a steep road...

Post by HeatherOnia on Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:32 pm

Hello everyone! The Lord told me to submit this dream so that some of you could get some interpretation practice:

I was in the backseat of Mama's car. She was driving and Kelli (my older sister) was in the passenger's seat. We were driving around and I envisioned myself as a one-hit-wonder for Kelly Rowland's hit song "Motivation" (emphasis on the title and the specific lyric "baby [I'm going to] be your motivation" - by the way, this song is secular and overtly sexual but the sexual connotations were not included in the dream).

My hair in this one fantasy scene was long and natural but straightened out with big curls, not dreadlocked like in real life, and I was in a picture posed with my mouth open as if singing into a microphone. An African-American male producer wanted to try for another hit record with me.

Anyway, Mama had come to an extremely steep (90 degree angle/perpendicular to the road) roadway hill. So basically a horizontal road became vertical and after the steep vertical part the road was horizontal again. There were a couple of cars in front of her. The first looked like a yellow big wheeled demolition derby truck type car that went up the steep 90 degree angle road with ease and popped a wheelie at the top of this road when he reached the leveled off and horizontal part again. Immediately after doing the wheelie he took off on the truck/car's back two tires.

I commented on how dangerous that the driver/car was but no one else in the car with me seemed to notice but me. The second car in front of Mama's car went up the steep and then it was Mama's turn.

She had turned to look down and reach for something in the back seat (nonchalant, peaceful and worry-free attitude) and I excitedly/anxiously told her to go forth. The jaguar (her real life car) went up the steep (not as easily as the first car but not bad or sputtering or anything) and near the top of this vertical road on her driver's side was 2 yellow(?) handles (one after the other) on the side half-wall. I wanted to (and could see myself) grabbing ahold of the first handle to help us.

Once we were clear I said, "Mama, please don't take this road/route again". I was the only one worried about us not being able to make it. Kelli and Mama seemed to not notice how steep it was or even cared. They didn't even comment on it.

At the top I was somehow out of the car and they drove on in a different (less luxurious) car that looked like my brother-in-law Jay's old-school car (a long one that looks similar to a classic cadillac) but in an off-white/cream color.

They stop at a deli(?) (it was a small/tiny place to order food and it was shabby, run down, dimly lit and a little bare except for the clerk and the counter/register he was behind) where I caught up on foot and met them at the door to this place but they never noticed I had been gone and out of the car. I opted not to say anything. I felt like I could have taken offense but overall my attitude was neutral/happy.

Inside, Mama had gone behind the counter to order(?) and I felt uneasy again (like impending danger due to her lack of concern/respect for the establishment). I felt like I was some kind of protector of her who couldn't eat because I had to stand guard for her (who was able to eat out, so I must have been doing my job right).

The End.
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