The Tower's Elevator

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The Tower's Elevator

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sat Jan 07, 2012 8:25 am

Good Morning, all -

I had this dream last night, and I cannot relate it to anything going on in my life at this moment, so I'll share to see what thoughts others may have. Sorry if it gets a bit long...

In the dream, I'm walking through a neighboorhood with a handful of other people. I knew them, but they didn't stand out as anyone in particular. Now, this neighboorhood was common to each of our homes was linked to it, though we came into it from different starting points. We all were going to this tower that was within the neighborhood.

My group passed through a man's yard, and while doing so I looked at the ground. I saw a single, small frog. I looked at the man, and I saw that he was breaking pieces off of candy bars and dropping them on the ground. I looked back at the ground, and I saw many, many of these small frogs.

We were now at this tower. The tower was dark blue-black, and was cylindrical like a smoke stack. It was as big around as a house, and didn't narrow as it got taller. As for height, it was probably 100 floors high - very tall. Attached to this tower was an office room/receptionist area. A woman was there behind a desk to let people enter the tower.

Inside the tower was just the floor. It was circular, to fit the tower, and the floor would raise and lower like an elevator. What the owners would do is allow people inside to "ride" the elevator. They'd raise it up three floors or so, then quickly drop it to ground level to create this free-fall effect, like some amusment park ride. I and my group rode it once, then we left. *At this point I should probably say that I never had a good feeling about this tower - it seemed like the "ride" event was a front for the tower's real purpose, sort of a way to make people think that it was ok. I sensed that the tower's true purpose was not for good.

At this point, those in the group went back home, each heading off different ways. I saw a friend of mine heading off her own way, about half a block away, and she walked off with her mother. She had apparently been with the group, but this was the first that I saw her. I walked off with my own mother. I saw one more friend, and he was walking back his way with his mother.

Lastly, I looked at the sidewalk as we went back home. There were these king-size candy bars scattered around. I thought to take one, but then I remembered the man and the frogs, so I decided against it.

That is all for the dream. I've got nothing on this one except an unsettling feeling. I'll gladly listen to any thoughts. Part of me thinks that it's an introduction for something...

Bless you all,

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