repost: recurring, continuing dream. no reply yet?

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repost: recurring, continuing dream. no reply yet?

Post by jaenmari on Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:28 am

.Years ago I dreamt about teaching a guy driving. we were on kind of a camping site and the car was between some bushes in a valley like place. He was driving a stick shift (my car) and he kept putting it in first gear and then driving forward and then in reverse gear and going backwards. we were going forward and backwards the whole time and eventually i asked him if he ever goes further than second gear (I teach people to drive for a living) and he said yes and he changed to more gears and then drove out of the valleyish place untill we came to a gate where he got out and went looking for someone to open the gate. he then found an ostritch that started chasing him and my mom and I started laughing at him. He got embarassed and I woke up laughing.

About two nights ago, I dreamt about the same guy (who I by now have figured out symbolizes my future spouse who I have not met yet). we were driving again, but this time it wasnt my car, it was his. I was sitting in the back and one of my friends (a girl) was sitting in front. he dropped her off at some shopping mall and told me to come sit in the front. So, I did and he started driving before I could even close the door. the carseats were covered with grey furr and my seatcover got stuck between the door and the footpanel and I struggled to get the door closed. As I was struggling to get the door closed he asked me why i was so nervous. I just smiled and started making small talk. I said: I will get this door closed and after trying maybe 8 times or so (more or less, i wasn't counting but it felt like about that much) I finally got the door closed and said: I win! we were driving around the mall the whole time and I saw he was gearing down whenever he needed to stop and for some reason I went into driving lesson mode and told him he's not allowed to do that. and he said: it is impossible to stop without gearing down. We eventually got to some traintracks and then made a u turn because we couldn't go any further and got back to the mall area again when a street kid came up to me and threw some change in my lap. i noticed it was an old ten cents coin and I felt sorry for the kid because it looked like he threw it in my lap by accident, but we kept on driving. I was about to say we should go give the kid his money back when i woke up.

I just noticed some similarities from the first dream in the second dream. Would gears have any kind of significanse? And why do I keep teaching this guy to drive?.

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