Riding to a camp ground with Mike

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Riding to a camp ground with Mike

Post by rosebush on Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:31 am

I was riding in a car as a passenger with a friend whose name means who is like the Lord, last name meaning rock guardian. I was entirely obsessed with some kind of radio transmitter device I was holding in my hand and listening for this broadcast.

We arrived at the campground and MIke walks way ahead of me. I follow with device in hand up to my ear still listening. I am traversing the terrain and walking very slowly. I am having difficulty walking. I pass by fellow campers and see a tent set up. I see Mike inside already laying in 1 of 2 sleeping bags. He is on the left. Mike comes out to get me. He reaches down for me like I am short and picks me up by my shoulders. He hugs me close, cheek to cheek. The closeness is nice, but I continue to focus on my radio device. He takes me into the tent.

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