wooden ship and underwater jail

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wooden ship and underwater jail

Post by CKBE09 on Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:34 am

I had a dream where I was in this ship (wooden) sailing along the coast. Suddenly a storm broke out and I got very scared as I didn't know how to steer the ship and was too scared to try. We were sailing along the coast and there were huge rocks I was scared that we were going to hit the rocks. But we didn't everytime it looked like we were going to hit the rocks we missed it. So I started calling out LORD JESUS! Over and over and as loud as I could. I remember while I was doing this I was in the kitchen and this man wanted to offer me water and I didint want to drink it coz I was scared that the water might be poisonous. All of I was in this underwater jail where people were being held captive (there was this scary ape that was captive (he was programmed by the people that was in charge of the jail) and got released with us, but he went back to jail instead of escaping with us - freedom), soon we got released and I was back in the wooden ship and we were sailing on a broad river and there were lotsa people on the ship which I didn't knew except my sister. some people were grey and some were normal colour (colours of the rainbow). I kept telling my sister, do you know who saved us do you you know who saved us to be alive, she wasn't sure to answer but then said she knew and I said yes its Jesus that saves!

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