a view through a window of a tree very close

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a view through a window of a tree very close

Post by halva on Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:13 pm

I can't recall all the dream but this is what has stuck in my memory. There was a woman in a building telling me how she made her window onto her balcony beautiful by planting a plant with pretty white petals and the light would shine through the petals. I had a picture of it in my mind as she described it, but I said I wanted to go inside and see what she meant.

When I actually went to see it, I saw a high up bay window next to her double bed and outside of the window was a dense tree very close to the window with lots of branches which took the whole view. Below the window was some varnished pine coloured wooden flooring in the alcove made by the bay window. It looked quite pretty because some light was streaming through the tree, but it was different from what i had envisaged and there was no balcony as such.

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