Visiting the Nelson's House

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Visiting the Nelson's House

Post by rosebush on Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:17 pm

Greetings Everyone!

I had a dream I believe relates to a question I asked God about a friend and his church. I believe God is having me help this person with a church re-start, that is his church had a major division, getting them down to 3 people. The church has since grown, but they are having major conflicts.


I'm at my childhood home. The house just south of ours is the Nelson home -- our old neighbor's house. A couple of women who live there are getting ready to sell the house. They tell me that there has been just a horrible mess inside. I go into the ordinary looking rambler.

Inside I smell the air and there is just the faintest odor of bad smell that had been there. I find a newly remodeled and very modern home. There is a large entry/foyer that goes all the way to the back of the house, like a large strip through the middle of the house. The first thing I know is a pile of dirt and plants all over the floor in front of the door. I start scooping up dirt/plant and handing them out to kids who are about. I note two white sheep dogs running around, a big one and a little one.

I look to the left and see a very modern and freshly updated kitchen. Just ahead the entry turns into a foyer with a seating area and a big fire place on the south wall. Children are running about. Down further in the foyer there is a seating area like a restaurant booth and a big window looking out over the back yard. Looking up the generous foyer has a vaulted ceiling. I see the living room is to the front of the house across from the kitchen. I note a piece of decorative molding at the top right corner of the entry to the living room. There are different size round holes in it, maybe about 10 of them, sort of like a 1960s decor.

Then a man friend shows me where the basement stairs are. It is through a door off the fireplace foyer. He opens the door and I see a good sized stair case like one might see in a school or other large building. I could see a bathroom located across this stairwell room.

I was never shown any bedrooms, but there were hallways going down the opposite corners on the back side of the house.

I am particularly interested in the living room with the peculiar varying size hole decorated molding and also why the man showed me the door where the basement stairs are. Is the absence of the significance of bedrooms remarkable?

I did tell my friend I thought from the dream his church situation looks pretty good. I believed my passing out the dirt/plants was a good thing and I was there to bring encouragement and life to his church, also that what looked like such a mess had the makings of good things.

Much thanks for your time!

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Re: Visiting the Nelson's House

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:50 pm

Hello, Rose -

There's certainly a lot going on in this dream, and I don't claim to have total understanding of it. First off, a verse came to mind:

Psalm 127:1 - "Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain..."

I believe the Lord is rebuilding his church, of which you have been a witness.

Since you are helping your friend and you have asked God about this situation, I'm inclined to think that parts of the home are indications of what needs prayer or attention in the natural. The women who commented about the mess could represent how some of those who are there continue to view the situation. Prayer that they could see the Lord's vision for this new church may be helpful. This ties into the faint odor you smelled - the lingering effects of the split. The idea that there's a spirit that needs to be prayed against just came to mind. Next, the dirt and plants - no doubt this is a result of people being uprooted. Actually, I'm wondering if there will be others coming to the church in need of being transplanted and re-rooted. Your handing them to children also makes me think that there may be some who are new to the task of incorporating people from other churches? Also an area that could be prayed into... Next, the two sheepdogs - how is the church leadership established? Is there a Primary Pastor and an Associate Pastor - or something similar? Once again, prayer for the leadership. These are all areas of labor within the building of His house.

I could go on, breaking down the other various places within the house, but I'll just share my thoughts related to your questions. I think that the man who wanted to show you the door to the basement can represent God's showing you that the foundation is established in this place, lest there be any doubts.

As for the questioning of the bedrooms... Bedrooms are for people who are living there, permanently, and not just visiting. I also think that this is direction for prayer.

Finally, the variation in the decorative moulding: My thoughts are that this has to do with the variety of people who will be a part of this endeavor. One body, many parts...that sort of thing.

I was there to bring encouragement and life to his church, also that what looked like such a mess had the makings of good things.

I do agree with what you said here. I think that, in addition to some areas for prayer, that the message of the dream is that there is a good work going on here.

Once again, though I've wrote a lot, these are my thoughts. So, if you don't find that they fit, please disregard.

Blessings to you and the good work in His church.

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