Urgent.. please pray over this for me

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Urgent.. please pray over this for me

Post by Destine on Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:39 am

I have not told my mom this... I have known since around 2004-2007 to now about knowing that God has set this guy apart for me, but I really don't want to tell my mom right now. (I'm 16) I have a feeling she'll say I'm exaggerating and being dramatic, I have noticed she says this when she simply does not understand the view point that I am coming for; Praying for me would be such a blessing for me! I am sixteen, I'll be 17 in March.

I have quite an interesting testimony: 6 months old; my mom nursed me with something in her system that is not good for new borns, I had blood clots in my brain, which turned in riccits and a Vitamin D deficiency, I had bumps the sizes of golf balls on my leg bones. My legs were turned in,

I could not work, nor talk. My brain was not the normal shape nor size as a regular baby, I wasn't functioning the average baby, the doctor's said I would make it passed the age of five or six; I would not be able to talk, understand or process things like other kids, I would not be able to walk with a walker or the assistant of a cane. My mom was charged with child abuse, my parents had to fight the court for custody over my sister and I for 9 months in court.

Miraculously, I was healed, the doctors did not understand, the Doctors told the lawyers it was a disease and abuse had nothing to do with my disorder. The charges were dropped. At age five, a teacher observed me with a class of 7 and 8 year olds: I yelled out the answers while they were still computing the info. Instead of lagging behind, I was learning too fast and it was irritating the other students. It took me one year to learn how to read because I could not pronounce the 'r' sound. I began to read on the 7th and 8th grade level in the 3rd grade. I did high school work (Minus math) starting in the 4th grade. I scored in the top 2% in 2010 for the National Merit scholars to battle out to win the scholarship from testing the PSAT.

October 25th, 2008 (I was 13 at the time.. really sad and depressed over these kids who were mean to me) The dream: I was on TBN (Which you all know is the Christian version of like ABC). Pastor Paula White was interviewing me and my Former Sr. Pastor's son (Joseph). We had to be it least 30 or forty, Pastor White asked me, "Did you always know you were destined to pastor, Destinee?" I replied, "I always watched you, Dr. Creflo and the Copelands along with Joyce Meyer, I always wanted to pastor"
She laughed, she turned her body to Joseph, "Did you know Destinee was the one for you?"
"I knew it when we first met at our Exec. Pastor's house, and during a dance team practice, I knew she was the one for me"
End of dream.

I had a dream in January 2011: Joseph's parents were at the after party of a Wedding, they were clapping and seemed so happy, fast forward, I am standing on the stage of the church that I grew up in, (My Sr. Pastor's church) someone is preaching (The Bishop of the state I live in) he begins to say "I am pleased to announce on the behalf of Pastor (so-and-so) that Joseph is engaged to Destinee; We're so proud of you kids" we both smiled, the congregation clapped and seemed really happy.

March 2011: Pastor Darlene Bishop prays over me and Joseph and says that we were destined to pastor his parents church together, we both fell down on the floor at the same time. His parents (along with mine) began to pray, the congregation began to pray and worship.

February 2010: I was standing in service, and this Bishop from Kentucky came in, I wasn't really into the service anymore because it was ending, I felt something say "Joseph is going to preach one day," the bishop said he was going to preach and started to prophesy over him"

October 16th 2008: I was at service on the pulpit, (along with Joseph, our Youth/ Kids ministry) the same Bishop from Feb. 2010 prayed over me and said "This is a women of God soon to be prophet," and I don't remember the rest... I also remember Joseph praying for me while this happened... that's all, any thoughts?
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Re: Urgent.. please pray over this for me

Post by Cloud on Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:11 pm

praying God's will be done, which it will

it has to

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