No mercy to release back to me what is mine

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No mercy to release back to me what is mine

Post by Glad on Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:21 am

Hi everyone
Here is my dream appreciate all your thoughts.
Seems I am at a large train station in some large city with underground shops everywhere. Decide to look for a sweater, next door is a sale, 2 for 5000.--. I am not interested .Get on bus to go to town. The bus leaves for the rural area. Try to get of the bus but the driver doesn't stop. Finally get out with help of someone else's communication with the driver. Realize I have a white instead of brown purse with me. Look through the purse to find owner, it is very difficult to figure out who it belongs to. It is a guy, I am very surprised since it is a women's purse. Go to his house. He hid my stuff. Reluctantly he brings out one thing after the other, but not everything. He returns empty plastic bags. His parents are there. I tell them I know this lawyer and I was going to talk to the lawyer. I tell them I will cancel all the cards. The cards will be worthless to them. Why not just give them back to me? The mother offers me a stack of money. I am not interested. I want my cards. The father pins me to the wall telling me I am ugly. Stunt how much that comment hurt in midst of it all. I know I am missing major credit cards and my interact card. I keep begging them to give me my cards back. I wake up crying and with difficulties to breath.
Just as a side note - no credit card problems or financial problems in real life

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