Warning dream? Black snake called a scorpion

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Warning dream? Black snake called a scorpion

Post by SouthernGirl on Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:45 am

I'm really needing help with this dream. I feel like I know the circumstances it pertains to, but it's like I can't quite get a full handle on what all it means.
This is a bit long, but it's the full dream I remember. My mom is in the dream, but I feel certain that it doesn't actually pertain to her.

The overall feeling in my dream was one of danger, yet I had an overriding peace even though I knew the situation was dangerous. I wasn't really fearful for myself. It was danger to something/someone else.

What I remember is laying on my back with my knees bent, with my feet resting on the floor of what I knew was a bedroom. I'm not sure if it was mine, because I didn't recognize it, but I felt comfortable there. What looked like a snake seemed to come up from almost out of nowhere. It started slithering around & between my feet and ankles. It resembled a snake, but I knew it was much more dangerous than that. I heard my mother say from somewhere to the right of me "oh, it's a scorpion," like it was no big deal. I told her it wasn't a scorpion, that it looked more like an eel (in the face). But then I started to doubt that I could remember what a scorpion actually looked like. (the snake never changed forms, although sometimes throughout the dream it was referred to as a scorpion).

I got a close look at the snake. It was long & black, & seemed like it was yellow underneath, although it was kind of hard to see. As it was moving it's body looked like black bamboo. It's face seemed very odd, very sleek shape (more like an eel). It'seyei could see didn't look like a human eye, but it had the characteristic of a person that was very cold & calculating.

At first I was concerned about moving. I understood the danger, but felt at peace. At some point I pulled my feet out from in between where the snake was. I didn't see the snake at that point. Then I was standing on the arms of 2 chairs, because I knew the "scorpion" had gone, but I didn't know where. Part of this time I was holding a baby. She was around 2 years old, maybe a little older. It was like she was there part of the time & part of the time she wasn't.

I call out to my mother who is apparently in the living room at this point because I didn't know where the "scorpion" had gone. She says she shut it in the room with me so it couldn't get away & we wouldn't lose track of it. (she still doesn't seem too concerned). I then looked over at the closed bedroom door & there was a large gap at the bottom. I knew it could have gone out that way.

I was standing of the chairs at that point because I knew it could sneak up on me. But I knew I had to get down to find my mom. I get to the living room & ask her where the "scorpion" is. She pointed "in there" to another room. I didn't actually into the room, but I could see a vision of that snake wound up in what looked like a wire dig crate sitting on a tray. I told her she couldn't keep it like that, it was dangerous. I don't feel like I was confident as to whether or not she was listening.

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