Classroom and cooking demo!

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Classroom and cooking demo!

Post by tbsmilesbig on Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:33 pm

I'm pretty sure I know what some of this dream means, I guess I'm just looking for confirmation and any new input. It's long, so please bear with me!

I was a “student” in one of Kyle’s classes (not his real name). The class was over, so I went outside the door with some of the students. I felt as though I was waiting for him. As I was waiting students came up to me and started asking me things about the contents of my backpack. I asked them why they were so interested in the things in my bag? I got the feeling they knew I was a teacher and not a regular student like them. The thought crossed my mind that they might think something was going on between Kyle and me since I was waiting outside of his classroom, but I only thought that for a brief second. I laughed with the students so much that I felt as though I was making too much noise for Kyle and his one-on-one student. Someone eventually closed the door where he was, so I went to the cafeteria.

Scene change:

I saw a huge table and heard there was going to be a cooking demo using a fish recipe. I found a seat, but decided to go wash my hands first. I thought about leaving my backpack, but I didn’t know if it would be safe. When I came back a guy had taken the chair I wanted, so I took the chair next to him. We all had to go around and introduce ourselves. I said "bonjour, tout le monde" (French for "Hello, everyone") and I had to say it with confidence and loudly for the head chef to hear me - the chef asked some other people that went before me to enunciate, so I took my cue from his comment to speak up; he still asked me to repeat myself when it was my turn. Molly was sitting next to me with two other guys her age (IRL she's a former classmate from college; I went back to school for my degree at the age of 34, so most of my college classmates were in their early twenties). She was convinced the guy on her Facebook picture was who she was supposed to marry (IRL I just saw a new picture of her and a guy that she's now using as her main FB picture). I asked her how old she was, she said 23. I told her my age, 38 and I said there were a few “guys I was going to marry” at her age also. I told her to be open and as I said that I turned and saw a guy that I felt was an athlete standing over my right shoulder, leaning on the table behind me, but his head was turned in such a way that I couldn't see his face. I brushed it off and turned back to continue talking to Molly. I told her she didn’t know who was around the corner and that her “man” would be coming soon; soon could be 1 or 2 years, but he WAS coming. I woke up.

This dream has been on my mind all day. Any thoughts? Thanks, guys! I'm loving the support and input on this forum!! Blessings.
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