Sleep paralysis

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Sleep paralysis

Post by Sagtog on Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:58 am

So yesterday I was almost sleep when I suddenly felt somebody grabbing my throat and felt fear all over my body. I tried to pray in tongue and move my body then I saw something that looked like a human brain (pinkish, jellyish, curly, with 2 eyes and a mouth). It was right over my right shoulder and under my right side chin, covering my whole neck but more pressure on the side where the thing was and I could see it smiling at me. I freaked out and tried to move, call out Jesus' name but instead of my voice the thing made a sound like a loud, awful monster's breath. And then it stopped and I felt like waking up from a dream and I wasn't completely sure if it really happened. But I could still feel the sensation and the pressure that I felt on my neck and specially on my right side. I just prayed and asked God my cover me with his blood and set his angels all around me and surrendered my dream to God and went to sleep.

My concerns are:

I've dealt with oppression of fear since my early teenage years until I got delivered 3 years ago. The moment I it started I instantly knew that it was fear, it was like I've known it and recognized.

I had been dealing with shame, disappointment, anger, frustration, doubt, offense and bitterness towards God and so therefore I stopped going to church and cut all my contact with Christian people since June 2011 when I moved to another city.

I had been reading Harry Potter series for the past 3 weeks and I'm almost finishing the 6th book. I read them too fast and too much that my mind is full of Harry Potter all the time. I know it's considered demonic but didn't care. I don't know how serious it is.

I just needed to let all these out but I don't how anybody can help me. Feel free to say whatever you want but please pray and ask God before you write anything. I don't just people's opinion or knowledge.


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