A mini series dream in three sgments.

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A mini series dream in three sgments.

Post by steadygaze on Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:55 am

Hello Beloved ones of God here is yet another dream. 3 part series. I kept waking up then going back into the same dream.


I was with three other people one of them being a women I knew named Maria back home at my old church and there was a man driving us. We were traveling some where. This one guy drove the van as the rest of us where passengers. We took this short cut through these beautiful trees and small little back countries. I am not sure where we were going. Anyway as we are driving we are in this little country town and this man is in this beautiful crystal clear river and he is feeding these animals that looked like Hippo's with elephant trunks. Then we see all these totally different beautiful looking deer. I am in awe of these beautiful creatures it felt like we were at a Safari only with animals we had never seen before. Amazing how the animals are allowing people to pet them and families pet them. Then we stop some where at this house and I came to find out my friend Marie left her husband and lived in this little town we were driving through. I had gone to her little house and as we were laying on the bed I had a talked with her and she shared her heart about her situation that was hidden from my old church, then we were on the road again. We stopped some where and the friends I was with all did there thing like go potty or buy something from the liquor store and then it was to late when I decided to go to the bathroom. My friends are like go ahead and I am like no I do not want to keep any held back from moving on and we got in the van and off on our journey. Then I woke up.

Scene two I was on this stage doing like a production or something and my family came to it. Well after the theater my family talked about going somewhere together and one said to my aunt, oh yes great, "Jeanie knows the short cut!" I was like yes that is true it is a beautiful drive. Interestingly enough my family wanted us to all go separate. So I had my family fallow me in their car and for some reason I had forgotten the short cut because it had been so long so I made a u turn, then after the U turn I had to punch in the short cut address into my UPS. The next thing I know my car turns into a bike and the friends who were with me before were all of a sudden with me only my friend Maria was not there. The short cut now turned into a huge cliff and we had to figure out how to get up and over the cliff with our bikes. So one of my friends on the team came up with a strategy. One of my friend who is a girl came to me and told me what we were going to do while I was waiting next to a mail box and that there was a strategy to get up and over the cliff that one of the guys on the team figured it out. The friend I do not know IRL. Then I woke up.

Scene three I was with my friends who are like parents and their kids who are around my age who are like brothers. We decided to go on this same trip only I did not have to tell them where the short cut was or how to get there Jeff knew how to drive there. As we are driving along we are laughing and having fun then all of the sudden the van decides to break down near a house. Well a nice lady comes out and asks us if we need help and so Jeff says yes and asks her like where a certain part store is. The lady tells him and then asks us all inside with this lady and we play with her little kids. This lady had these cute puppies and they look like Havenese puppies. So we ask her what breed was her puppies and she tells us they are half Havenese.Marie tells her she use to breed these kinds of dogs. Well the next thing we know the lady is feeding us crackers and finger foods and we are just having a blast with this lady and teasing each other. Then the husband of the lady comes home and asks what is going on and the lady tells him and so he joins in with laughter and feeding us and he helps Jeff get the car fixed. Then the lady hands me some cracker with some kind of spread on it ,and I eat it ,and it taste's yummy and the lady tells me it was something like after a dead cow dies they cook it over and over again after it is dead and it is some type of garnish. There was some special name for it but I cannot remember the name when I woke up. I was like ewww and everyone just laughed in good fun. It was like we were home in the house with true family and there was just allot of love.

Interesting the series of events here. Gee any insight sorry it is long.
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