New Job at a Local Grocery Store

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New Job at a Local Grocery Store

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Dec 18, 2011 6:27 am

Good Morning, All -

I just went through a good couple weeks without being able to recall my dreams, which is very long for me, and last night was the first one that has stuck upon waking.

In this dream, I was a new employee at a real grocery store in my city. I had been working off of a pallet of merchandise, presumably stocking the shelves. I had asked someone if I could go and use the restroom. I found that foyer at the store's entrance passed right by the restroom; however, the restroom itself was made of clear, glass walls. In fact, I think everything in it was made of clear glass. Since people coming in and out of the store could clearly see into this room, I didn't use it - I just sat in there waiting to see if there would be a period where no one was around. I don't know if I ever got that opportunity.

Next, I'm back where I had been working, and a young woman came up to me. She was someone in authority over me, like a supervisor or someone from HR. She was only slightly younger than I am, and fairly pretty. I took her hand and kissed her - I think it was on the cheek. There was a good feeling between us at this point in the dream, and then the dream ended.

As far as feelings went, I was a little nervous at the beginning, then embarrassed during the bathroom scene, and then love at the end - though more faint as opposed to an overpowering love.

I only wonder if it relates to my starting a new job at the first of the year?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Re: New Job at a Local Grocery Store

Post by Cloud on Sun Dec 18, 2011 12:57 pm

I've had many-a-dream about Grocery Stores.

Grocery Stores are where we get what we need.

Your dream could about you getting what you need or helping others find what they need, emotionally but likely spiritually.

Because you said it was your JOB.

My thoughts.

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