3 Times in my dream

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3 Times in my dream

Post by Gentlewise on Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:57 am

It's been 3times this week that I had dreams about this person(couple) who we used to have a good couple-couples relationship and both of us are Christians. We now live in different location and our relationship with them is a bother to me for the past 3-4yrs.(there isn't much communication going, intermittently I do but my partner seem unwilling to)
Dream 1
I was sat on my bed in the bedroom and looking through the window I saw my friend with about 3 other people praying for someone. And just after they have finish praying he led them into our bedroom by going through the building as if they have spiritual bodies, and came to our dressing up table and he picked up a body cream(lotion) we use. I quickly ask them to leave the room as I was so furious and they left but with the body cream( as my partner said I should let them have it).

Dream 2(Yesterday)
I found myself driving a 4x4 sort of car and this same friend was sitting in the passenger's side. It was an untarred road(dusty) but i got to a parking place and has been occupied by someone else, and my friend was asking me to park the car somewhere else, and I said ...I will be penalised if I should parked there(and I wasn't going to do that)....even though i saw others parked where he was directing me to. So I kept searching for appropriate place patiently even though i had to be driving in circles to find one, which i didn't..

I heard a knock at the door and he was there and I open for him to come in and he went straight to the hall where my partner was and started talking, and it was more like trying to resolve differences amicably.
NB:I have been praying about and seem to be having a thin idea but, i do not want to miss any details.Can anyone also hear, see or feel something else being revealed?

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