Repost A Sudden economic melt down.

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Repost A Sudden economic melt down.

Post by steadygaze on Fri Dec 16, 2011 6:42 pm

Hello Beloved friends.

I had an interesting dream this morning.


It all started where I was driving a motorcycle. I drove up on a lot to buy a new car and I parked right up where the used car show was in this garage. I end up getting a Mercedes with less then a 1000 miles on it. As I am driving for some reason I felt I should buy something not so nice and fast. So I go back and I get a used little Uhaul truck. As I am driving the truck around I realize the truck has a little over 1000 miles on it. So I decide I want the Mercedes back so I go back to the used car garage hoping the Mercedes is there. As I am heading to the garage all of a sudden, as soon as I get to the garage there was an economic crises and everyone was losing everything. I go into the garage and the sweet man that sold cars had lost everything. As I stepped into the garage they were having a dinner for the old man to cheer him up and just be with him with having such a terrible loss. I loved being in their community of fellowship because they too had lost everything and they seemed to know the value of people and the needs. We all hugged and said good bye, and I went on way regretting I kept the truck. Well I had a friend with me and we were driving in my Uhaul and we see these kids who were walking on the street who were poor and looked like they needed help. So I pulled over and gave them a lift home and the kids invited us in to meet their family. So we went in and because the economic crises hit so hard there was just so much loss. As my friend and I were leaving the kids fallowed us out to say good bye then we sat on the grass in their back yard and I felt we were to lead them to Christ, and so I began sharing about Jesus and for some reason I struggled with telling the story, like my words came out wrong. SO I asked my friend to continue sharing with them and so my friend told them and they were led to Christ.

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Re: Repost A Sudden economic melt down.

Post by hind'sfeet on Tue Dec 20, 2011 12:46 pm

I don't know what your dream means but the last part reminds me of something my cousin and I had discussed about witnessing.
We thought that possibly sometimes one person specific person is meant to witness to other specific people.

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