I just dreamed....

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I just dreamed....

Post by hardrock on Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:58 am

In my dream, I saw a city, and in the city I saw "protestors"(Occupy, Workers, Tax, dems, repubs, etc.). I saw also muslims preaching. They were wanting and taking equal status as well as homosexuals. I started to raise my voice to cry the warning, but was too afraid. So, I came home. I came to a church. The youth were outside playing with an unidentified man.(Facebook, texting, etc.) I thought they were playing baseball. They were not. I should have checked on them.(molestors in our midst) They were actually throwing a dart to and with an unknown man. I was inside the church. I was in my prayer closet. I was busy.
There was another man outside the closet in the church. He too began to throw the dart. I was amazed. I opened my prayer closet and watched as the dart came in slowly as if it had a mind of its own. It was moving down halls, and between pews as if it was being driven. The man was "obese".(ADHD, lifestyle, etc. all terms being given by the devil and used by us) The dart came slowly to me. I piled books up on a table so as to give me some protection to hide, but the dart simply and deftly moved them aside. I caught the dart in my hand and opened my hand to release it. The dart returned to the still unidentifed man outside the church playing with the youth.(We have allowed the wolf to come in not only as our youth leaders, but also our pastors.)
The "obese" man continued playing but grew tired. I should have helped him, but I was too busy praying. The unidentifed man came in and prayed with him. He gave him "terrors" in his mind.(Psychology, counseling, etc.) His thoughts were full of lies.
The devil has come in while the church has been "occupied". "Occupied" with Santa, Cooking, Games, Toys, IPAD, TV, XBOX, Boats, Cars, Books, and work. Our lives are full of the "cares of this world". I would say awaken Church, but it is too late...

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