Two Dreams : Time Travelling Church and Maggots in Fancy House

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Two Dreams : Time Travelling Church and Maggots in Fancy House

Post by v3ryan on Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:23 pm

I had two dreams this week, some quite alarming.

Ok, my first dream was that I was at my church, but for whatever reason, I kept "time travelling" to my church in 2005. (I wasn't attending this church in 2005). In 2005, I could see down the street and see some grocery stores built beside the church. At one point it was a Metro, and another time it was a Safeway. Anyways, these grocery stores were built at the spot where IRL another church exists. So in the dream, the other church didn't exist, but a giant grocery store does. At one point earlier in the dream, I was down the block from the church, it was night, I could see the Metro sign. Also, there were skunks. I ran through an intersection right by them, worried that they would spray me as I ran past, they didn't. I also had my video camera with me, so I was able to videotape evidence that I had somehow travelled back to 2005, so I could show people when I returned to 2011.

At the church, I saw people there I knew, but they were of course the 2005 version of them, and they didn't know me. I had my video camera with me, and I was trying to show someone the video, but something in the dream (I forget what it was) distracted me. Also, the outside church sign was a bit different. It had a gray panel underneath it or something, I can't quite recall. At one point, I was chasing after my friend, and he ran around a corner (it should be noted that 99% of the dream took place outside the church, my friend ran around the corner outside the church building) I was immediently behind him, yet when I ran around the corner, he was nowhere in sight. I knew somehow that this was because I again travelled back to 2005.

Then the dream becomes slightly nightmarish. I fell into this dark pit. Like a well, with no water in the bottom. It was sort of like a Hell, except there was no fire. I heard this clock ticking*, and I would describe it at the time as the clock from the Peter Pan movie that is inside the crocadile. At the end of the dream, I see an opening in the pit, and a bare skull. I somehow knew in my dream that the skull of this person (gets a bit graphic) apparently went insane, and plucked all his flesh off his face. I wake up a bit startled, but not sitting up in bed in fear. (I dislike nightmares very much, I'm assuming it's God's mercy I didn't wake up in a cold sweat. I have had nightmarish dreams where I don't necessarily feel fear.)

Before I move on to dream two I'll explain something which struck me as odd today. Today I went with my mom to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie, and in the music, sounds like something I would describe almost as the ticking clock I heard in the dream. I hadn't had seen the movie prior to having the dream. I don't know if they are connected, or if it is coincidence, but when I heard it, it concerned me and I didn't get to enjoy the movie as my mom did. I speak to God about my dreams, and things I feel like He tells me is that I should not be worried about them. If I don't understand something, I shouldn't worry about the fact I don't know what it's about or what it means.

Dream 2: Maggots in Fancy House

I dreamt last night I was moving to the other side of my city, but I was moving into a really rich neighborhood. Upper class housing, and (not sure how I got it) I ended up getting this beautiful house that in real life I could never afford now. I remember at one point it had a state-of-the-art security system with motion sensors scattered all over the place. I was looking forward to living here, and I remember something about ordering pizza or something, I don't quite remember, but one thing I do definetly remember is that part of the wall was removed. (Whether I removed it myself, I don't know) But inside the wall, I saw maggots, everywhere.

I've thought about the second dream: The house could be a beautiful temple, but not is all what it seems. I had a discussion with someone prior to the dream about how people tell me I am a really good person, but I consider myself average Christian Joe. I'm not sure if this is what the dream means, or what.

If anyone has any possible ideas to any, or all of what I've been dreaming this week. I would very much appreciate it. God Bless, and Merry Christmas.

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