Delivering Amy Home.

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Delivering Amy Home.

Post by rosebush on Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:20 pm

Hi! I had this dream snippet while napping this eve -

I was driving home a student I know at school. Her name is Amy and she is a well-behaved teen, one that I have assist me if I need trustworthy help. I believe I'm dropping her off at her grandmother's house in town. It is a big grey-blue house. I decide to take her down the ally to the side entrance as an extra courtesy to her. I open the door and as she leaves she tells me she is going instead to her mother's house. I can see her mother's house through the back yard of her grandmother's house, through a neighbor's yard and across the street.

I recognize in my mind her mother is the aunt (name meaning consecrated twin) of a young woman I know named Carrie. Carrie is a half-sister to a young man who is like a son to me.

So I watch the girl cross the alley and happily head off to her mother's house. I head down the alley and turn onto 1st street heading east here in our town. The bus turns into a bike. I'm off to the left side of the road riding back to the school. I make note bikes are supposed to ride on the right side of the road and want to be certain to abide by the rules as I am a school bus driver. The plan is to correct myself.

Next I find myself back at the school in the girl's bathroom standing in front of a mirror/sink. I am applying some foundation to my forehead. While applying I am thinking of a friend I know and have prayed for who has had lifelong issues with troubled relationships with women/noncommittal/womanizing. I know in the dream that he has overcome this issue. I note the left side of my head and brain and also my left eye area feel numb. I put my hand up over my head and pray and the strange numbness leaves. I turned to exit, leaving the mirror happy to know my friend had overcome. Thank you! Rose

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