CARBON MONOIDE And Kool Aid Soup with People Falling Asleep!!!

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CARBON MONOIDE And Kool Aid Soup with People Falling Asleep!!!

Post by sword&scepter on Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:57 am

Good morning everyone, I dreamt of myself having to work at some sort of ball as a server but that's not what I was hired to do but was told by someone there to work in that position.. Well there are lots of dignitaries at this event as well as a beautiful young woman with blonde hair and wearing white with a princess crown.

She was escorted by two body guards and I followed behind them in order to get her seated, then I was to walk past and turn right in order to pick up her food. It was a line of serving staff who picked up food from a table to take to the seated people. For her I had a bowl of soup. I walked in line then had to stop in a very nice beige colored tent to wait a moment while there were speakers on stage.

Well next thing I know I was waking up from a good sleep and the event was over and I could not beleive that I'd failed in that manner but remembered how tired I was from all the work that I'd done at my regular job.

Later I was with an old acquaintance from collge { whom I dont know in real life}
we were sitting in his car talking about women and relationships but we were in a public garage which was about 4-5 stories tall and we might've been on the first or second teir. The engine was running and his girlfriend called to say that people were gagging and falling asleep and that we need to get out of the car..

The whole time we talked we weren't affected because it was and open air public garage. We saw nothing out of the ordinary but after his girlfreind called we stepped out the car and saw a thin haze of smoke filling the entire structure... It looked more like steam from a shower though. We heard the screams of people crying, complaining, gagging and in fear.. We looked around and then at eachother and shook our heads cause it didn't affect us so we drove off.

We later went to a house in the suburbs that he and a few guys from school had lived in. The house was clean but cluttered, I had to sit on a floor while the were in the kitchen frying chicken. One very tall guy wearing a beige sweatsuit and sneakers to match came out to teach me how to make " Kool Aid" I told him that it's been years since I had that cheap beverage but I helped him make it..
We talked for a while about where I was from and how I've never been to where they were from.

He returned to the kitchen and there were two women sleeping on a purple velvet sofa. I wanted to sit down myself but there was a royal blue velvet sofa that was cluttered and one area had two purses on it that belonged to them. I kindly removed them and placed them on a coffee table in front of the sofa they slept on.
As I sat down, they awakend kinda sleepy eyed and stretching.

I smiled and said hello and they did they same, we made very small talk and one asked was I from New York, I laughed and said no. Then she asked if I'd ever been to " Venturi Gorettie"? Which was the town that I believe we were in...

Then I woke up to write this.. Can anyone PLEASE help me with this???

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