How to tell mom

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How to tell mom

Post by Destine on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:44 am

I have been praying and God has shown me (and spoken through four pastor's) about my true calling and destiny to fulfill for the Lord.

That calling is to be a Pastor/Pastor's Wife/CEO, my mom knows about me wanting to be a CEO... but she does not know about the pastor thing. I always told her was I around the ages of 4-7 that being a pastor would be so awesome because I was in love with watching Kenneth & Gloria Copeland/ Commander Kellie, Along with Dr. Dollar and Pastor Paula. I stopped wanting to do this because I had a hard time pronouncing the 'er' in my words; I also just hated speaking in public because it took me one year just to learn how to read properly because of not being able to pronounce my r's correctly.

I am sixteen years old now, I love reading... I started to develop the love of writing/reading around 7 or 8, And I like reading out loud...(only when I want too.. jk)
I have the faith to say that I actually know who I am supposed to marry... I just do not want to tell my mom.
1) we had one bad experience with the guy because he was in a lot of pain from seeing his parents argue (He's a Pastor's Kid)
2) He got on my dad's bad side
3) No one really liked him anymore after he did that

I am no longer at that church anymore, I just need to know how I should present this to my mom without her calling me immature of naive or childish.

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Re: How to tell mom

Post by Cholette on Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:20 pm

I replied on the other post...

Do not fight FOR victory, but fight FROM THE PLACE of victory. Jesus has ALREADY won the battle!

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