A team coming from Russia to visit and we were to serve them

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A team coming from Russia to visit and we were to serve them

Post by steadygaze on Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:17 am

Hello Beloved one.


I was at a church and we were having a team from Russia come and it was the ministry I had taught mission school in real life. Well they were coming and we were to feed them. So they arrive and I see Paula who is the head leader of the ministry of the Russia ministry sits down and chats at a table with other leaders while the other part of the team sits at another table. I was excited to see them and gave them all hugs and told them how much I missed them. When I went to give Paula a plate of food I looked in her eyes and they were weak as if she was very sick, her face looked very pail, and I saw deep inside her eyes weariness, and I was deeply grieved when saw this because I really loved her she is a wonderful friend. So as I am serving the food I serve it then I go in the kitchen to eat and the other people try and serve me the same food but I said, no I eat only vegetables. So we found canned spinach and Asparagus. So I pour the spinach in the pan and I look away for a second and the spinach evaporates so then I have to add the asparagus to the spinach. lol So then I have red licorice and I am passing it out to the team from Russia. Paula calls me over and starts to tell me how Licorice is bad for you and we should not eat it. As she is speaking to me again I look deep in her eyes and see such weakness, her eyes are bloodshot, and red. I feel so sad for her and knew she was hiding a sickness or disease she struggled with. So then Paula and the other leaders recommended we pray in another room together. So we go in this other room and I am praying with the team.Then others who I did not know joined us so I picked one out of them to prophesy over. So I am saying these words and I tend for some reason to go longer on the person so much that I go overboard and it falls into where the person does not want to hear anymore. As I was prophesying this man decides to cry out and speak out. When I am prophesying over this lady I said, "I know it has been a bad year so much that it caused a great deal of pain." The lady wept, I went on and said this next year will be one filled with joy and peace. and love etc. The man who interrupted he was known as a town drunk and he was interrupting the prophesying. So I went over to the women and said, I am sorry if I said anything to hurt you or out of the flesh. She said no it was right one. I was trying to press passed the pain I felt for my friend Paula by speaking into another person and giving them life
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