Going back in time to an old ice castle building.

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Going back in time to an old ice castle building.

Post by steadygaze on Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:55 am

Blessings to you all beautiful warriors. I had an interesting dream this morning and asking the Lord for insight.


I am walking down this street with my family and I come upon this old place where they held ice castle shows. The shows would be about monsters trying to kill the ice castle skaters and it was a popular thing when I was a kid in the dream not in real life, and for some reason the place scared me when I was a kid. As I saw the old building my aunt said, "That place needs to be boarded up I got hurt going in there once and so did people I know." She went on to say even when it was open they had problems and people got hurt. In my mind I remembered Bet Meddler singing in the ice castles and I loved her voice. I said, lets go there and check it out! I knew the place was boarded up but wanted to see what it looked like inside, I had always wondered. So we go in and it is like we went back in time where it was having an ice castle session and all the kids had ice skates on and they had a performance of the monster vs the skaters, then there was ice skating. The side was like a cave and ice covered the walls the ceiling. I watched in amazement of the talent of all the skaters even the monster ones who always scared me as a child and realized it was not as scary as I thought when I was a kid. I sat with my family at a table and I heard the voice of the monsters really the narrator and the voice had a scary tone but the kids loved it because the Ice castle skaters would win in the end of this performance. As I sat there my aunt complained of getting hurt in the past when all I could see was this place needing help because the building needed fixed and I wanted to help fix the ice castle skating rink. So the next thing I know I am talking to the owner on how I could help fix it. It was as if I went back in time to fix this building that scared me that really was not scary at all.

This ice castles was not a real thing as a kid. Interesting. HA HA!
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