Packing Up, Car on End, and Ready for Winter

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Packing Up, Car on End, and Ready for Winter

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:24 pm

Hello, All -

In this dream, my brother had backed one of his former cars (an SUV) into my driveway, and I was packing something into the back of it. Whatever it was, it just fit when I closed the hatch.

I looked to my right, and there was one of my old cars (a different SUV) standing upright on the tail end. In the dream, I knew that I had lifted it up like this on my own. However, I needed to set it back with all four wheels on the ground, and I couldn't do it the way it was because it'd hit my neighbors garage. I throw on a sweatshirt since I had been packing his car with my shirt off and go to ask him for help. He gets out of the car and comes to the other car with me, but we find that it's already been righted.

I look at the driveway, and I see some kind of cellar door. I make a comment that it's all closed up and ready for winter now. Finally, I'm holding this doll bed. I'm about to take it in my house because I think it'd be perfect for the cat to sleep in. My brother offers to get rid of it for me, but I think it's of use. He tries to convince me that someone we both know just had a baby and would have an old bed for me a year from now. I look at the bed that I have, and decide to keep it. All along, there was a third person with us that we both knew, but I cannot recall who it was.

The only connection that I can make to my waking life is that I've really been thinking about getting the kind of SUV that my brother had in the dream. I have a really small driveway, and my current car barely fits - but, I found out that the SUV is small enough to fit. I also had an SUV like the one on its end, but it was totalled in rollover - and I really liked that particular car. Also, the part about winter - this is the 3rd dream that I've had recently with a winter-element to it. I'm dreading driving in snow in my current car, and it's amazing to me that we don't have snowfall yet where I am. I've actually been waiting for the go-ahead (confirmation) to get a different car. Otherwise, I'm not sure what the dream means.

Any thoughts?

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