Dream of bad Energy

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Dream of bad Energy

Post by globalhealth4 on Sat Nov 26, 2011 6:42 am

My spouse had a dream lastnigt that he was walking with a man who seemed like a spiritual advisor and he couldn't look directly in his face. the spouse was showing the SA around his moms apartment in India. He said that he opened a door to his brothers room where his mom was sleeping and asked her why is sleeping in the room with him? She told him that daddy(her husband) snores. So, my husband then opens a another door to a room to show the SA and when the door opened he saw a red and purple mass swirling in the corner. It was a bad energy he said and that it was there to torture his mom. So my husband began to pray with force he said and started quoting scriptures and speaking in tongues. Then this energy swirled faster and shot out the door inside this room. And as it did my husbands younger brother came down the hall saying, "what was that that just came out of mommys room?" My husband then tells him it was a demonic force bothering mommy and that daddy is her covering and she should be sleeping the bed with him and that daddy should be praying. But in real life my husband and his baby brother are the only Christians in their family. The rest of the family are hindu.

Then my husband asked his mom does she get any sleep when she sleeps without her husband and she said no. then he woke up.

Any thoughts?

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