funeral guns and alcohol

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funeral guns and alcohol

Post by globalhealth4 on Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:36 am

two things..

1. Dream--I was lying down in the bed with my eldest sister and then my other sister came in and laid in the middle of us. we were all on our backs starring at the ceiling when our only and eldest brother walks in and has on a this weird black and white sweater. we ask him where has he been and he say's at this guys funeral. My brother lives with his girlfriend in real life and she is from another world. Seriously. So in the dream she was really quiet(not irl) and she never came into our room where we were laying. So, my brother had this tall bottle of Gin in his hands and asked us if we wanted to have a drink..the clock said 11:22 am and I said no it is too early! My eldest sister said yes so my brother began to pour the gin all over us as if he were pouring in the cup. We jumped out the bed and started cleaning up. my brother started walking away but before he did, he sat the bottle down next to a black oozie(gun) which was unloaded.


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