Please help! Two dreams: tsunami waves & burning mountain

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Please help! Two dreams: tsunami waves & burning mountain Empty Please help! Two dreams: tsunami waves & burning mountain

Post by CKBE09 on Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:23 pm

Please help me to interpret my two dreams.

The first is that I have already posted (please go to earlier postings) about the tsunami on its way washing over us (houses/dwellings), leaving many without their cars. most people got their cars back, except me and I asked my dad when I can get my car back and he said I had to wait?

The second dream: We were camping, but camping in a building with many rooms, suddenly a fire broke out on the mountain and was on its way to consume the building in which we stayed in. We went inside to try and pack all our things, but we had little time and i had to decide what is important to take and what was not so important while I was packing, an angel said that we must hurry the fire has alomost reached the building. I said I know I have to hurry up, but didnt really feel threatened. I remember that we tried to get out but couldnt because the gates were looked and we couldnt open it up. In a flash we were outside everyone safe and the funny thing that baffled is that all my belongings were with me. And I clearly remembered that I had to leave some thigns behind. It was like the angel took us out of the building all safe before the fire could consume us.

i will really appreciate any help please!!!!

Thank you!!!

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