Escalator and Bandage

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Escalator and Bandage

Post by pwilso512 on Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:30 pm

I dreamt that I was in a department store. I was walking with a co-worker. She said, "I like the patch on your head". I touched the back of my head on the right side, and there was a white circular bandage on it. I got on the escalator to go upstairs, and it was moving fast. I had to basically jump on a step to get on. I made it upstairs really fast. I told my co-worker to be careful because the escalator was moving fast. When we made it to the top, she said "I like your patch". Then we walked in opposite directions. I woke up. (IRL, I have a spot on my head where my hair fell out. It's trying to grow back.)
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