Unsure if this is a dream from God..

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Unsure if this is a dream from God..

Post by callienicolaysen on Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:52 pm

Before I start on the dream, let me give you some background information. I know two ladies that have had abused painkillers. One lady at my work used to be addicted to painkillers, but quit after her son died of the same addiction. :(

I also know of a homeless lady that hangs around my work (she doesn't know the other one) that is currently addicted to painkillers. Before I knew she was addicted to painkillers, I was full of compassion for her. She had told me that she had pancreatic problems and needed medicine. She was constantly complaining of her 'poor health'. Anyway, since I had compassion for her, I asked her if there was anything I could do for her, I would do it for her. One day she asked me if I could pay for her to sleep in a motel room. I did pay for a motel room for her, since I knew that the Lord commands us in the Bible to care for the needy.

Well, later, my father had spoken to to the front desk clerk that had helped us. She had told my dad that this woman goes frequently to that motel, with different people, manipulating them into paying for a motel room. She had also told my father that she is addicted to painkillers. She had told the homeless lady of a homeless shelter that her church hosts that not only provides a place to stay, but also helps the homeless with getting their lives back together. She declined that offer. One of my co-workers had offered her the same thing (but in another town) and she declined that one too.

My father was angry when he heard that she was conning kind-hearted people. He told me he was going to confront her. Not in a harsh way, of course, but he was going to say something like this, "God and I both know that you're lying to these kind-hearted people to help support your drug use. If I were you, I would seriously consider repenting to the Lord of your sin that keeps you on the streets. You need to quit doing this to innocent people. The Lord is angry that you do this to people."

Well, now to the dream. I had a dream that I was in a church, with a bunch of people around me. These people would not stop berating me. They cruelly berated me to the point where I was in tears. I went to my parents, sobbing, telling them that I was cruelly berated by them. I wanted to explain more,, but I was crying so much I couldn't tell them exactly of what they said to me.

Later on in the dream, the woman who used to abuse drugs was supporting and befriending the homeless lady. She was doing things for the homeless lady addicted to painkillers. I was not supporting the homeless lady.

I bumped into the homeless lady outside the church. She was very angry with me. She grabbed me roughly by the arm (which was so rough, it left a bruise on my arm) and said angrily, "I died because of you and was revived back to life! I went to heaven when I was dead for the couple of minutes!" She was very angry that I wasn't doing things for her. I got angry with her for that and said in an angry tone, "That is a LIE!! If you were to die today, you would go to Hell! That is a FACT!" Later, I went to my parents with the bruise on my arm and said that I think we should call the police on her because she had physically assaulted me, since she left a nasty bruise on my arm. My mother had told me that my father had already rebuked that woman for manipulating people into doing favors for her to support her drug use. I was horrified, because I knew that when my father had heard that she left a bruise on my arm, he would be furious and would want to confront her AGAIN.

That was the end of it. Do you think this is a dream from the Lord? What does this dream mean, period?

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Re: Unsure if this is a dream from God..

Post by GreatFulServant on Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:07 pm

Sometimes what we see can mislead us or discourage us. If it was a dream given to me the first thing I would do is pray that God would touch them. As far as giving them more money or helping from a practical matter let your conscience be your guide. Again just my thoughts.

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