Being accused in a new town of drinking.

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Being accused in a new town of drinking.

Post by steadygaze on Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:22 am

Hello all! wow an interesting dream to say the least.


I had moved to this new place to live. I started making friends fast and I got a job working at this fun food place and I would spend my days there hanging out there cause it was like family.. I would have a few drinks and laugh with friends. Then I arrive there one day and all my friends even this guy I liked and hung out with there with this group and they all accused me of drinking to much, and I am like what!? I hardly drink what are you talking about!? They where sure I drank to much and that they were doing a prevention thing I could not believe it! One of the gals said come with me and I saw the guy I liked he acted nervous.. The gal took me in her car and dropped me off in a city near by I did not know after she talked to me about my problem with alcohol. So here I am by myself at night not knowing where I am and how to walk home which would be a long walk. I asked around and everyone would give me wrong directions. It was the next day I walked up this hill and it was my insurance guys place who I really liked he was older guy father type. As I walked in his place I took some pins and he smiled and was delighted to see me. I asked him for directions he said, " You go down my back yard and you take a left go down a ways and walk around this little lake then take another left and you are there. Then he gave me $20.00 with a smile on his face. My insurance guy always delighted in giving me money. Then I began my journey home. As I was walking I noticed I had a big dog with me on a leash I was holding it was to protect me and help me get home. So I am walking along thinking about everything and how hurt,and I was accused of something I felt was so not true in the new town I moved too, I just could not understand why they would do and say that to me. I walked and a truck pulls up and asks if I want a job working in a medical marijuana plant.. I knew I needed a job and the man said do you know how to run this, and run that and I am like no. He was said you would not fit in this business. lol Then a friend back home pulls up as I am continuing to walk back where I lived and she gave me a ride and asked me how I was doing I told her not good. She gave me a ride home and was moving to where I lived, and I told her I need to move from this place she said she would move with me and she had two kids. So we stopped at a skating rink for something and her kids wanted to skate we said no. Then we continued on.

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Re: Being accused in a new town of drinking.

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:30 pm

Wow, Steadygaze! That is a busy dream. :)

I only have thoughts about a portion of it, and I also wonder if it's for a current situation or for another time. Has someone (or a group) misunderstood (or exaggerated) something about you where the whole issue had left you feeling abandoned and without direction? That's just me looking at the first part of the dream.

The interaction with the insurance guy is what makes me wonder if it's all prophetic, since your situation was taken care of within the dream. The insurance guy would seem to be the Lord - he received you so pleasantly, gave you direction, provided protection, and a blessing (the $20.00).

These are just my thoughts on only a portion of the dream.

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