Pastor Cutting My Hair

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Pastor Cutting My Hair

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:18 am

In this dream, I visited my old pastor's house so that he could cut my hair. He started to do so, but had to do something else in the middle of it. I decided to leave for a bit with the intention of coming back - he may have asked me to pick something up while I was out.

I drove down a nearby street for a while, then decided to head back. I did a U-turn and began driving back to his house. I noticed that it must have been hot and dry outside (I didn't feel that way) because the grass looked brown and dry, and I came up behind two runners that were dressed for summer. The two runners, a man and a woman, were not together, but they were heading the same way that I was. I passed them, and the woman called out to acknowledge that she knew me.

Next, I'm back at his house, and he's sitting on this tall stack of green plastic patio chairs (inside his house). He's up pretty high, so I help him get down. Next, his youngest son is sitting in the chairs, so he goes to jump down and lets out a cuss word while in the air. I expected something to be said, but nothing was. I also see his older son is in the room, sitting on a couch, and he doesn't seem friendly. At this point, I'm ready to finish the haircut. I also want to ask the pastor about using him as a personal reference for my new job, but I didn't want to mention it with other people there.

In real life, I've heard back from 2 people that I wished to use as references - I'm actually still waiting to hear from my old pastor. I'm not sure about the haircut theme. The middle part makes me wonder about being a dry spell in my life and maybe coming to repentance about something? I don't exactly feel that way right now, though...

I would love to hear any ideas.

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