vanpires taunting me in the same dream i had years ago

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vanpires taunting me in the same dream i had years ago

Post by anne.fincher on Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:46 pm

years ago i had this dream about vampires running through this school. They where trying to kill people, but i was telling people to follow me to get them out but i was running too.Now i had it again last night but i couldn't run this time.NO doors would open this time.So i decided to fight i began calling on Jesus! SO i started walking in a stairwell and two people were in front of me.Two female teens ,and one female teen and male behind me.Started fighting them as i prayed out loud and saying i bind them enemy in the name of Jesus.Then they stop and said you know the king and let me go.but i still couldn't get out i had to wait for them to come in. so i lay on the floor at there entrance waiting for them to burst in.As i looked up at there shadow on the wall they began to taunt me saying JESUS,JESUS,JESUS.Then it popped in my head{the devil knows my name} SO I GOT UP WENT TO PRAY TO THE LORD AND ASK HIM TO Forgive me of any sins I'VE committed known,and unknown and to give me strength.then i got some water and prayed over it and talked with lord a little more,then i put the holy water in a water gun and then returned to the door and lay back down thank you and god bless

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