Delivering Children Without A Destination

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Delivering Children Without A Destination

Post by rosebush on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:16 pm

Dreamed I was at work and there was some sort of holdup in delivering the children home. I am standing with a bunch of other people/drivers waiting to board a school bus. I have my "boyfriend" at my side. I have my small purse with long strap slung over my shoulder. I have a winter hat of some sort. Boyfriend asks where I got the hat from. I got the hat from an older man who is at work who has a very young wife, as in he had given it to me before he married this young wife? -- sorry no greater details. I didn't want to tell where I got the hat, but I decided to tell him as we boarded the bus. Boyfriend took a seat in the driver's seat. He also morphed into a Christian friend of mine named Cindy, who is also a driver I know. I leaned down as I got near her to whisper to her the truth of who gave me the hat -- the idea being that this man had given me the hat to show an interest in me. In real life I have found this man and his relationship to the very young woman on the distasteful side.

Next scene. I have a few very small children, maybe kindergarten age, and I note they are sitting in the back part of a station wagon that has the back seat down, so flat. They are just sitting Indian style back there, apart from each other. I take off, but cannot seem to locate on my paperwork where I need to deliver these children. I end up back at our office, which in the dream is just an ordinary house with a big roll top desk being used as the bus dept office. Our router is there -- named Viva -- and I've explained that I need the addresses for the children so I can return them safely home.

Seems Viva is playing a joke on me. I think she is speaking to me an address, which I am writing down, but I discover it is a phone number that she is speaking. She laughs about this. I get frustrated and seek out the children, which have gone every which way, to get their home locations from them, but they are uncooperative or possibly unable to give them. I have a piece of paper that I am using to keep track of the students' names and I am trying to get their addresses written down. I note more children are being added to my route, older ones. I am trying to recognize them as riders on my route, but can't really, nor can I remember where they live.

In real life I took over the route of the older man with the very young wife a year ago.

Gracias ~ Rose

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