My marriage!

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My marriage!

Post by dinesh338 on Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:05 pm

I am about 15!
About last year i asked God to show me my marriage and he did.

That night i saw my marriage.

i saw an American women who is dressed in wedding clothes all beautiful! then i saw my mom next to her. five seconds later, my mom took my hand and i went into a dessert. He took me to another women who was also all beautiful but indian. She was all similing.

Later my mom told me to marry her. And i said how can i marry her and then she said after marriage if you dont like her, then leave her. i was shocked and then i thought about it. later i looked at the women and then thought about the first women i saw in the dream (i saw her sitting upon a rock (jesus)).

after a while, i said i will marry the women (the one mom showed me to marry)! Then i asked where is the pastor. then not of no where a pastor showed up.

That i was the end of the dream. after i woke up i said lord if that was you and she was my wife. then talk to me in the bible. i opened the bible to my everyday reading proverbs 31 ( i was reading proverbs in order). It said a wife of noble character.

I was so confused, so i asked God to interpret the dream.

So an angel come to me in the form of a human being, with no white clothes or no wings. He said, "your first wife is going to die". then i turned around in that dream and said to my mom "yes mom, my first wife is going to die"

It took me one year to figure out that he was an angel.

What does all this mean? Please some one help. I want to live with my first wife and she look very beautiful than my second wife.

So which one of these two women is the wife of noble character. Is it the first one because she is sitting upon a rock. I don't want her to die.


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