Prophetic Dream? Please help!

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Prophetic Dream? Please help!

Post by aaguilera on Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:44 pm

At around 4 this morning, I had the following dream:
In my dream, I was at my brother’s school at a meeting with a teacher. Many people were there. Suddenly, this guy appears and says that he wishes he could go back to a specific state (I don’t recall which one) but he was afraid to because there were tornadoes in the area. As if on cue, a screen turned on in the room and we began to watch the news. There were numerous reports of tornadoes. Suddenly, I saw a map of the United States unfold before me. It looked just like the map from a weather report. There was a specific city in Texas near the bottom that was being hit by tornadoes, and also in Georgia (I don’t recall the specific cities at the moment). But these tornadoes were happening mainly in the south.
After seeing the map, I was suddenly outside a home in an area where the tornado had hit. I was sitting outside on the grass with my parents, and it was nighttime. I heard the voice of a reporter tell me something along the lines of “Take this moment now and find significance in something that you usually don’t pay much attention to” so I lay back on the grass and looked up at the stars. They were profusely bright. Suddenly, a gray cloud appeared and took the form of President Obama’s face… and it started speaking! I was horrified, so I got up and lo and behold, Obama, along with a woman and another man, was standing right in front of me and behind my parents. Only I could see him. The fear I felt in that moment was paralyzing. My face contorted in fear and desperation and my dad noticed and asked what was wrong. All I did was go to him for comfort. Suddenly, as I was hugging my dad, I felt Obama’s finger touch my forehead and I felt such an immense anger at that moment that I shouted, “I do NOT accept your mark, Satan! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” and I woke up, shaken to the bone.
I asked the Lord for revelation, but I still haven’t received it… I would appreciate any feedback from anyone if the Spirit tells you anything :) thank you!
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