Two Disturbing Dreams in One Night-Guns/Hit by Car

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Two Disturbing Dreams in One Night-Guns/Hit by Car

Post by dreamer77 on Fri Nov 18, 2011 8:57 am

Last night I had two separate dreams that were both disturbing to me. The first dream my husband and I were sleep and heard a tap on the window. These guys were trying to break in our house. We looked out the window and saw this guy staring back at us. We got him, held him and began to call 911. We didn't know there were more. We saw about 3 more guys with him and they had guns. My husband and I ran out the house and these guys were chasing us. I ended up ahead of my husband and remember turning around to see these guys right on his tail. I could hear them threatening to shoot him and he was trying to convince them not to shoot. I saw a piece of wood on the ground and began to reach for it to try to help my husband but he told me to keep running. I'm terrified and thinking about how I could help him, but then another guy approached the guys with the guns. As they became distracted by this guy my husband got away.

My second dream involved my children. My family and I were inside this place watching a show and just spending some time together. I remember seeing a baby, which is a little girl from my church, in this dream that I began to hold and play with. A little later in the dream someone came in this place we were in and my brother said, "Oh no, don't tell me that!" He called me over and I begin to think oh my goodness my kids. I went outside and saw all these people, a stretcher and my son which is 10 seemed very distraught. He was wearing his burgandy hoodie. I was thinking someone had gotten hit by a car...I could not see my daughter who is 7.. so I lost it. I began to run, cry and I got closer to the scene I woke up. When I woke up my heart was racing so fast. That was a horrible feeling!

If anyone has any insight on any of this, please feel free to share. I'm believing that the baby represent new beginnings...that's my thoughts...not sure. Thanks!

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