Cowboys, horses, dollars and pesos

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Cowboys, horses, dollars and pesos

Post by Shan on Thu Nov 17, 2011 11:45 pm

I had this really weird dream. I think I have some understanding on it, but could use a little help.

I dreamed I was with my mom driving on a highway. I looked to the left and saw an open pasture with several cowboys riding horses like they were herding cattle, but I dont remember seeing cattle. They looked purposeful in what they were doing. I saw this one cow-girl who was astonishlingly tall and riding a horse. Her horse fell over and she fell with it.

Next, I found myself at the site where the horses were and found out that my church was sponsoring horse riding to raise money.I got on this horse and couldn't make it go. I was doing all the right things such as pulling on the reins and kicking it. A cowboy tried to help, but he couldn't do anything either. I thought, "he'll know what to do," but he didn't.

I then found myself trying to reserve a time to ride anther horse later on in the day. It cost $21 for an hour. The tall lady from before was going to be my guide. I gave her the money to reserve my time. She said they had time available on Sat. and Sun. (my church irl has services on both days). I reserved for Sat. and my mom gave me money to put with my own (she often does this just to bless me.) The lady said she would put the money aside and not put it with the other money, since I would be riding later. My mom and I went to some cake shops and sampled cakes until my time slot came up.

I then found myself in a grassy field. I looked toward this one area and I saw a beautiful cloud of purple around these flowers. I got excited and thought Holy Spirit was manifesting. I wanted to touch it badly, so I went over to it. I felt like a little girl in wonderland. The cloud was tangible. I could grab it with my hands. It was almost euphoric. I began picking the flowers, all colors, and getting as many as I could. When I did this, all of a sudden the flowers were bundled with plastic sleeves like you would buy at a craft store . I was greatly disappointed and felt like that wasn't really Holy Spirit manifesting.

In the next scene, I showed up for my turn to ride the horse. I went up to the tall lad from before and she acted like she didn't know what I was talking about. She had reserved for Sunday and said that I hadn't paid. I turned to my mother to confirm what I was told and my mother agreed that we had scheduled for today (Saturday.) I had to tell the lady where she had put the money for her to believe me. For some reason, to convince her, I told her I even had her tip money with me which was five dollars (this was true that I was planning on tipping her.) She said I would have to come on Sunday and I said that I couldn't, so she said she would give me my money back. When she came back with the money, she gave me pesos - a fifty and some ones. The money was very worn and flimsy. I took the money and asked my mom what to do with the pesos. She didn't really know and I wasn't sure the money really totalled $21, but I wasn't too concerned about that. I thought that I might just take the money to the bank. End of dream...
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