Dream of me being a pastor's wife?

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Dream of me being a pastor's wife?

Post by Destine on Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:11 am

SO this came to me while I was on a 30 day fast with my church in October 2008 (I was thirteen) This is the dream: I am on the set of TBN and Pastor Paula White is hosting me.. and I am sitting next to my former Sr. Pastor's son.. we have to be it least 40 of age... Pastor Paula asks me "Did you always want to be a pastor's wife?" I told her I wanted to be a pastor or do something in ministry since the age of four because my mom had me watch Kenneth Copeland and Commander Kellie and watch Dr. Creflo dollar... She asked Tyler (Sr. Pastor's kid) " Did you always know Destine would be your wife?" and he said "It all started over a dance team practice"

that year he started this big commotion because I learned this dance step faster than him.. and the team did not understand why I messed up until they realized the person who taught me didn't know anything.. and they got in trouble because our adult leader told them that I was just trying it out and I knew I wouldn't be able to perform because I joined so late.. and she told them if they respected me and practiced they could perform.. well they didn't respect me so they had to wait a whole month (so I got to perform anyways) because they ticked her off so much.. That following day (October 2008) I had a dream of me crying and feeling really down and depressed over a lie about me saying something obscene to one of my mom's friends daughter over the internet (That dream came to past in October 2011)

I did pray when I was 6 or 7 that the person for me would be confirmed around the age of 15 or 16 and it least two of my friends who were right with the Lord would affirm me.. and 2 of my good strong godly-friends have said they feel it too.. I was standing in service in January 2010 and I heard something say "Tyler is going to be a pastor" two minutes later this apostle prophesy's to Tyler saying 'You were called to be a preacher" and he prayed over him for like 40 minutes.. and when I met him it felt like I knew him all my life.. I first saw in in February 2004.. I remember his eyes and something said "he's it" and I officially met him in December 2007 and something said again "it's him" and he was so kind and sweet.. than he started acting really rude because he started to like me.. and he went as far as swearing at me and my mother just simply because I tapped him on the shoulder because my friends said he probably knew where my phone was at

(I had to confirm that my phone was at home.. so my mom made me ask everyone if they had seen a black phone) so he reacted by cussing at me.. than went on a rant afterwards saying that "I was mocking you back here with my friend because I know you bad and I said 'uh oh she's mad' I was watching you and all" and he said he was always "watching me" and I said I would never slap him (he said I did) because I don't like seeing people hurt and my dad taught me to respect people but what he did was totally disrespectful.. than he said "That's what I love about you.. I love you I would never hurt you" and I'm like yeah sure whatever.. I know this is a lot.. but I would like some help!
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