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Post by musicladyalways on Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:39 am

I just woke up from a dream.. I was in an elevator(with an unknown person who was trying to go to another floor) and was I trying to get on to floor 8. Everytime I pressed the button it took me to the bottom of the elevator. I just kept going down. Then, I decided, well, maybe I need to try another floor and the same thing happened. Finally I was able to get off of the elevator. I found a young lady and asked her how to get out of the place. She directed me out of the place. I exited the movie theater and went to the front desk where there was a lady who had not been monitoring the elevators.(She had a screen that was like a table. It had all of the elevators in the building on there where you could see what floor they were on, if they were inactive ect. ) She was busy doing paper work on a sheet of paper, not paying attention to the chart. I looked at her and she asked how she could help me. I said, The elevators are stuck. She replied I will do a test run in jst a second. (Come to find out I was in a movie theater!)

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